Learner guides

Learner guides are available for each CHC Community Services unit and are designed to assist students in their education.

Content in each learner guide is carefully laid out so it is easy for a student to follow.

Each learner guide contains a number of features that will help students get the most out of the unit, including:

  • learning content
  • examples
  • case studies
  • practice tasks
  • video clips
  • chapter summaries
  • learning checkpoints

Learner guides are available in print and eBook formats.

Support resources

Support resources are available for each CHC Community Services unit and provides trainers with ideas and tools to encourage and support their learners.

The Assessor Support Pack contains customisable and downloadable Word documents, PDFs, and other tools RTOs can use in their training and assessment strategy.

Each Assessor Support Pack includes:

  • a variety of formative assessments
  • summative assessment
  • benchmark solutions to formative and summative assessments
  • mapping of learning content, formative and summative assessment to the unit of competency
  • forms and templates to assist with validation
  • glossary of terms
  • activities
  • unit of competency


Aspire has developed a suite of microlearning modules targeted at community services.

These modules have been created to bring learning to life through:

  • video demonstrations of key concepts, giving learners an insight into the real life experiences of carers
  • unscripted responses to FAQs from current industry professionals
  • interactive scenarios and activities to assess knowledge

Follow here for more information and sample videos.