Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Story

Aspire Learning Resources is a not-for-profit organisation and passionate team of learning development professionals on a mission to make a difference through education. For over 30 years, we have delivered successful employment outcomes through competency-based skills development, assessments and workplace training resources. We have partnered with governments, the corporate sector, industry, peak bodies, TAFEs and RTOs to build pathways to lifelong learning.

We've seen firsthand the importance of quality learning resources that empower learners and support trainers and assessors. We also understand that learning requirements are changing. Increasingly, resources need to be accessible, flexible, portable and engaging. That's why we're dedicated to delivering industry-aligned, best-in-field learning outcomes that meet the unique needs of learners at every stage of their educational journey. Our focus is on developing resources that build real skills, extend digital literacy and promote positive employment outcomes. From interactive online courses to engaging digital learning solutions, our diverse range of resources are tailored to meet tomorrow’s skills-based economy.

Together, we're not just building skills – we're building futures. We invite you to be part of this incredible journey with us

Our Mission

We seek to be catalysts for positive change. We aim to champion skills development. Our mission is to build a better future by empowering individuals with the skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Through innovation and dedication to excellence, we aim to be a transformative force, shaping the future of work where every individual has the tools to succeed, gain meaningful employment and contribute to a brighter, skills-driven tomorrow.

Our Vision

The landscape of vocational education is undergoing major reform. That’s why we are focusing on building resources that build real skills, extend digital literacy and promote positive employment outcomes. We’re teaming up with industry experts and government to build resources for tomorrow’s skills-based economy. We envision a future where every learner has the opportunity to build skills and seek meaningful employment empowered by bold, accessible and portable resources.

Our Values

We have the courage to be different

We’re proud to stand out from the pack. While others follow, we lead. Outcomes drive our behaviours; and when it comes to skills development, we focus not on what’s popular but what works. Our aim is to redefine excellence, ensuring we exceed expectations and deliver what truly matters to you: skills and work.

We are forever curious

Life-long learning is our anthem. It guides everything we do. Every day, we learn something new – whether it’s about industry or each other. We seek fresh approaches and solutions, pushing beyond the bounds of tradition to meet the demands of contemporary learning and training delivery. We aren’t afraid to admit when we don’t know something, and our steadfast pursuit of continuous improvement ensures we stay abreast of innovative education trends that build real skills.

We welcome challenge

We not only aim for great, we achieve it. We’re excited to try new things, test ourselves and to persevere when things get tough. Failure is part of our growth journey; we all want to learn, develop and be better. Resilience isn’t a word at Aspire: it’s a blueprint. Deadlines and quality are sacrosanct at Aspire, and you can trust us to deliver best-in-field resources that are compliant and ensure competence.

We craft solutions

We are problem solvers. Where others see challenge, we opportunity. Our years of experience in vocational education and training have led us to be creative and adaptive. With the uncertainty of VET reform and the ever-changing digital landscape, we’re here to support you to navigate these changes and come out on top. Whether it’s implementing professional develop training programs or undertaking a workforce skills gap analysis, we work with you to find the best solution aligned to your strategic objectives.

We care about our customers

Customers are at the heart of what we do. We understand that our sector comprises many individuals, and we want to help. Whether it involves updating an existing resource, or collaborating to develop an entirely new suite of microcredentials, our commitment to helping others achieve their goals drives us daily. After all, our customers not only help us curate, refine and improve our commitment to skills development – they also help us improve lives through the Aspire Foundation.

Aspire’s Workplace Culture

Flexible Work Arrangement

Aspire’s workplace is flexible, friendly and inclusive

Equal Opportunity

Aspire’s workplace is free from harassment and is an equal opportunity environment

Work-life Balance

Aspire recognises and supports work-life balance through flexible work practices


Through open communication, teamwork and strong leadership, all staff share a common understanding of Aspire’s strategic directions, in particular how they and their team contribute to the achievement of the Company’s strategic goals

Upgrade your Career

Staff are encouraged to upgrade their existing, and learn new skills through the provision of professional development opportunities

Learning & Development

Using excellent recruitment processes that consider cultural fit, experience and skills, Aspire aims to create a workforce with high professional integrity, excellent skills and who are loyal and committed to Aspire.

Aspire Foundation – Giving Back

Aspire recognises that not everyone is afforded the same learning opportunities; therefore, through its Foundation, Aspire funds a range of programs that provide vocational learning opportunities for disadvantaged learners.

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