CHC33021 Cert III
Individual Support

9 core units

6 elective units

CHC42021 Cert IV
Community Services

7 core units

8 elective units

CHC43121 Cert IV
Disability Support

7 core units

3 elective units

CHC52021 Dip
Community Services

12 core units

8 elective units

Learner guides

Learner guides are available for:

  • CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support
  • CHC42021 Certificate IV in Community Services
  • CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support
  • CHC52021 Diploma in Community Services

Each CHC Community Services learner guide contains a number of features that will help students get the most out of the unit, including:

  • NEW Videos: QR codes link to relevant videos with tasks for the learner.
  • NEW Links: For further external reading and website content relevant to the topic.
  • NEW Callouts: Highlight key learning points to help learners revise for their assessments.
  • NEW Margin Definitions: Key terms are defined where they first appear to help consolidate understanding.
  • NEW Glossary: To assist learner revision of key concepts
  • Learning Content: Covers the elements, performance criteria, performance evidence and knowledge evidence of the unit of competency.
  • Examples and case studies: Includes workplace examples and case studies.
  • Practice Tasks: Enable learners to check their progress after completing each section.
  • Topic Summaries: Key learning points are summarised at the end of each topic.
  • Learning Checkpoints: Features a variety of questions, testing learners’ comprehension

Available in: Print, eBook or Bundle options.

Support resources

Each Assessment Support Pack includes:

  • Practice Assessment Workbook: A customisable workbook including all Practice Tasks, Case Studies, Talk with Others and Learning Checkpoints from the Learner Guide.
  • Final Assessment Workbook: a customisable workbook including the Final Assessment task, broken down as either:
  • - Questions/Case study + Project
  • - Questions/Case study + Project + Observation
  • - Questions/Case study + Observation
  • NEW Workplace Scenarios: Real-life workplace scenarios provide simulated environments that can be used to:
  • - Set the context for the Final Assessment Project task or Observation task
  • - Demonstrate a simulation prior to undertaking a task in the workplace
  • - Arrange a role play to prepare learners for assessment
  • NEW Talk with Others: Discussion topics used to encourage classroom or online group discussion.
  • NEW PowerPoint Slides: Summarises key concepts and contain live links to videos and additional discussion questions to encourage further learning and discussion.
  • NEW Delivery Plans: Support your organisations Training and Assessment Strategy by providing an estimated time to deliver each Topic; suggested training strategies; and additional discussion topics at the end of each Topic.
  • NEW Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Guide and Templates: Guides the trainer/assessor how to support an RPL candidate complete an RPL application, including samples and editable templates. The RPL also guides the learner how to complete an RPL application.
  • NEW Glossary: Quick reference guide that defines key terms from the Learner Guide.
  • Practice Assessment Marking Guide: Includes suggested solutions and responses for the Practice Assessments
  • Final Assessment Marking Guide: Includes suggested solutions to all the Final Assessment tasks for the Final Assessment.
  • Third-Party Report: Is supplied for o support the workplace supervisor. They can complete the report while they observe the learner perform a task in a workplace setting.
  • Mapping: Maps the learning content and assessments to each element, performance criteria, performance evidence and knowledge evidence of the unit of competency.
  • Supporting documents: Include templates and additional documents learners may require to complete the Final Assessment tasks.