TAFE Directors Australia Conference 2024

TAFE Directors Australia Conference 2024

13 May 2024 09:21

The TAFE Directors Australia 2024 Convention opened with an exciting start, setting the stage for innovative discussions and insights into the future of education and workforce development. The team at Aspire Learning Resources relished the opportunity to learn from thought-leaders in our sector, with several panels and workshops leveraging key insights across an array of learning areas and industries.

During the "Workforce Insights & Skills in Demand" panel, several key topics were brought to the forefront. Minister O'Connell highlighted crucial initiatives aimed at closing the gap between industry, TAFE, and universities. Key strategies included the:

  • establishment of 20 national TAFE Centres of Excellence
  • formation of a national TAFE network to streamline operations and enhance collaboration
  • delegation of ASQA accreditations to select TAFEs, empowering them to self-accredit their courses.

The panel from the Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) shed light on the urgent need for fundamental changes in training approaches to make them more accessible and impactful. They emphasised:

  • the importance of focusing on the upskilling, reskilling and retention of workers
  • enhancing cooperation between TAFEs and JSCs to better meet the needs of the job market
  • the necessity for rapid skills development, lifelong learning opportunities, and qualifications reform to ensure success.

Another critical point discussed was the essential changes needed to prepare the workforce for the 2050 net zero emissions target, underscoring the importance of environmental sustainability in workforce planning.

Digital literacy was recognised by TAFEs, government bodies and JSCs as a crucial component for the future of work in Australia, highlighting the need for a technologically adept workforce.

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Join us in this transformative journey to inspire and reshape education for the future. Let’s innovate, collaborate and lead the change together!

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