NFP CEOs share top skills in short supply

NFP CEOs share top skills in short supply

29 September 2022 09:22

According to a new survey - PwC's 3rd Annual Not For Profit CEO Survey - three-quarters of NFP leaders are feeling the adverse effects of widespread skills shortages, but a targeted upskilling strategy that applies a role-based focus, shifting away from a blanket approach, may offer a solution.

NFP leaders extract more value from upskilling when they strike a balance between soft and technical skills.

Problem solving, adaptability and resilience were identified as the soft skills NFP CEOs believe their employees need most. Training in new software and programs, data analysis, teamwork and collaboration are seen as advantageous technical and digital skills.

Cybersecurity and privacy skills are not seen as a priority, despite the vulnerability of the sector to cyber attacks.

NFPs that invested in upskilling saw significant organisational benefit, including a stronger workplace culture and engagement (80%), higher productivity (77%), greater organisational growth (72%) and a rise in innovation (63%). Additionally, 58% of leaders cited upskilling as an effective talent acquisition and retention tool.

View/download the full report here.

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