Our New Basecamp: Ross House Association

Our New Basecamp: Ross House Association

05 March 2024 09:04

We were delighted to attend the End of Year Celebration hosted by Ross House Association. We had a fantastic time mingling and connecting with our new office neighbours and fellow non-profits who are doing amazing work in Melbourne.

Since moving into our office space in September, we have enjoyed being part of the Ross House community. The space has become our basecamp for innovation and growth, and we’re continually grateful for the welcoming environment Ross House has provided to us.

Attending the event allowed us to reflect on the wonderful community that exists at Ross House. It is more than just an office space: it is one of the only self-managed, community-owned, not-for-profit buildings in Melbourne and has been since 1987. It provides affordable and centrally accessible office spaces and meeting rooms for passionate individuals striving to make a real difference.

Ross House Association is committed to social justice by removing disadvantages and barriers to provide everyone with equal access and opportunities. They are also committed to sustainable practices, considering the environmental impact all stages of their operation will have on the environment. At Aspire, we are proud to work in a space that is committed to having a positive impact on the world.

We look forward to attending more events hosted by Ross House and will continue to enjoy moments of collaboration, growth and shared success in 2024.

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