HumanAbility State and Territory Roadshow 2024 – Melbourne Forum

HumanAbility State and Territory Roadshow 2024 – Melbourne Forum

23 April 2024 14:04

Today, we attended the HumanAbility State and Territory Roadshow 2024 Melbourne Forum where industry leaders, policymakers, employers and educators converged to discuss pivotal issues shaping the care, support and recreation industries. HumanAbility CEO Emma King OAM and the Victorian Minister for Skills and TAFE Gayle Tierney MP provided invaluable insights into advancing strategies to equip workers in this sector with the training, skills and supports needed to power Australia’s economy into the future.

One of the standout discussions addressed the estimated 500k job growth projected in these sectors over the next decade. It was eye-opening to explore training and recruitment initiatives to bolster the system's capacity to attract, support and retain workers. Equally insightful were the frank assessments of the challenges facing this sector, such as high rates of casualisation and low pay in the aged care, individual support, and early childhood and education sectors.

Aspire was privileged to participate in this dialogue, contributing a unique perspective focused on reshaping perceptions surrounding Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia. We firmly believe that VET offers an attractive pathway to meaningful work, yet its merits are often underappreciated. Students deserve recognition for making informed choices that improve their economic mobility and career progression. VET graduates reap numerous benefits, including gaining tangible skills, earning while they learn, acquiring valuable industry experience and securing employment faster post-graduation—positive outcomes they increasingly achieve fee-free. It's time we shine a spotlight on these achievements and celebrate the individuals who opt for VET as a pathway to success.

At Aspire, we foster a culture where VET is valued and embraced as a meaningful pathway to fulfilling careers in the care and support sectors. That's why we equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to thrive in their chosen fields. We look forward to collaborating with the sector to champion VET as a cornerstone of Australia's workforce development and empower individuals to unlock their full potential.

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